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8. William Bradford highlights all of the following core American values in Of Plymouth Plantation except __________.





23. To what people does John Winthrop compare the Puritans in "A Model of Christian Charity"?

the ancient Egyptians

the ancient Romans

the ancient Israelites

the ancient Babylonians

29.Jonathan Edwards captures the powerlessness of people and the precarious nature of their situation in "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" by suggesting that, at all times, they are __________.

at risk of being swept up by a flood like the one God sent during Noah’s time

likely to be turned into a pillar of salt, as Lot’s wife was, for their sinful and wicked ways

being pushed toward the edge of a steep cliff, below which are jagged rocks

suspended over a lake of fire and brimstone by God, who may choose to drop them

34. How are the writings of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Paine similar?

Both authors inspire readers to remain loyal to the British government.

Both authors assert the ability of people to improve themselves and society.

Both authors demand that people look to science to answer life’s biggest questions.

Both authors describe entertaining episodes about their early lives in Boston.

36.Which of the following is a central theme of Phillis Wheatley’s "On Being Brought from Africa to America"?

People of all colors can be redeemed by God.

Slavery goes against the laws of God.

God is absent from most people’s daily lives.

The actions of slave traders are evil and displease God.

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